It was a pleasure to hear from two members this past Friday for our first "Member Spotlight."  "Member Spotlight" is a series that will highlight two members of RCSE where they will share a little bit about themselves.  Through these presentations, each member will get to learn and know more about their fellow Rotarians.  To kick off our first "Member Spotlight," RCSE had Past President Cindy Kelley and Red Badge Andrew Cosey present about themselves.  
Cindy began by saying Rotary has provided such support to her while she has been in Savannah and that it is a huge reason why she and her husband still live here.  Cindy was born in 1960 in Iowa and is the oldest of five children.  She graduated high school as a junior, went to college, got married, had kids and helped with a foster child.  Cindy has four step siblings on both sides of her family and credits her parents for passing along values about accepting people as they are and understanding everyone has different needs and wants.  She has always worked starting with babysitting at an early age as well as owning and operating a child care program.  Cindy has run five different non profits over the past 25 years.  She also consults on the side.  Cindy is a huge fan of the Myers-Brigg Personality Test and is herself an EMTJ.  Cindy is retiring from the Homeless Authority at the end of the year and is looking forward to yoga, French lessons, serving on non profit boards and not being in charge of anything!  
Andrew Cosey has been a member of RCSE for exactly one year!  Andrew grew up in Macon, GA and attended Southern Polytechnic University for college where he majored in construction management.  Unfortunately for Andrew, the economy was down when he graduated.  Therefore, he went to the University of West Georgia where he received a Masters in Education and Professional Counseling.  After graduation, Andrew worked at UWG for two years and then worked at Southern Polytechnic for a year.  It was while he was working at Southern Polytechnic that he decided to get his real estate license.  Southern Polytechnic began merging with Kennesaw State and that is when Andrew decided to go into construction management.  Eventually, Andrew moved to Savannah where he became a full time real estate agent with Austin Hill Realty.  He feels his degree's in Construction Management and Professional Counseling are great assets to him as a real estate agent because he is able to explain to clients things about a house/building and also counsel them as well since listening to a client is a large part of his job.  Andrew has always enjoyed being involved so when he moved to Savannah, he reached out to Employability about volunteer opportunities which is where he met Laura Lane who introduced him to Rotary.  Andrew then spoke briefly about the Savannah real estate market which is strong. There are usually 3,500 homes on the market at this time but the current inventory is 1,934.