This past Friday started with not one, but two new member inductions!  Welcome to the club Ken and Cale!  President Jason Jones thanked everyone who came to the annual Oyster Roast at Gordon Matthew's home.  Once all business items were discussed, Laura Lane McKinnon introduced our speaker for the day, Nick Deffley, who is the Sustainability Director for the City of Savannah.  
Nick began by saying that people, planet and prosperity guides how the sustainability office works.  He then spoke on a few programs that the city is implementing to promote energy efficiency and sustainability practices.  The first program he spoke about is Tide to Town which will be a 30 mile trail loop that will connect all parts of Savannah.  Another program he highlighted was the smart sea level sensors that are stationed around our area.  There are 68 sensors that send specific data concerning sea levels.  This information helps the Chatham County Emergency Agency with community evacuation during a storm.  He also touched on the Brownfield Program, Urban Tree Nursery, and 100% Savannah Clean Energy Plan.  To learn more about Savannah's Office of Sustainability, please visit