It was a wonderful Friday at RCSE with another new member induction.  Welcome to the club Kim Tanner!  President Laura Lane McKinnon thanked those members who were able to attend the service project at P.A.C.K. and reminded everyone that today was the last day to RSVP for the RCSE Oyster Roast.  Once all Rotary business items were discussed, Katie Wohlust introduced our speaker - Kris Williams with the Caretta Research Project.  
Kris began by saying it is important to protect sea turtles because they help maintain the health of the ocean and the beach ecosystems.  There are four species of turtles found in Georgia: 1. green sea turtle, 2. leatherback turtle, 3. Kemp's ridley sea turtle (it is the most endangered turtle in the world) and 4. loggerhead turtle.  There are many things that threaten sea turtles such as lights on the beach, commercial fishing, and pollution.  
In 1973, the Caretta Research Project began operating on Wassaw Island.  They patrol 6.5 miles of beach.  After the turtles lay their eggs, the volunteer team checks on the female turtles as well as makes sure the nests are protected.  Each turtle can lay anywhere from 500-1000 eggs per season but only 1% will reach maturity.  In the 50 years the Caretta Research Project has been operating, they have seen a significant increase in the number of nests and number of turtles.  They have six volunteers per week and 85 volunteers per year.  
Kris concluded her presentation by giving examples of things we can do to help such as participate in a beach project, volunteer to be a boat captain, and reduce single use plastic.  To learn more about the Caretta Research Project, please visit