RCSE - History
History:  Chartered on November 7, 1983, the Rotary Club of Savannah East has been practicing the Rotary motto of 'Service Above Self' in southeast Georgia and around the world for more than three decades.
Meetings:  Savannah East meets Fridays at 12:30 p.m. at the Pirates' House (20 E Broad Street).  
Service:  For the year 2016-2017, Savannah East has adopted Haven Elementary School as the focus of their service projects.  Projects at Haven to date include a 'Welcome Back Breakfast' for staff and teachers and the club's speaker's gifts are books which are donated to Haven on behalf of the speaker.
Come join the 'fun Rotary club' for a great time while serving your community!
RCSE - Original charter members
Chartered:  The Rotary Club of Savannah East, the fourth Rotary Club in Savannah, was chartered on November 7th, 1983. 
The original charter members were:
Stephen D. Acuff    
I.M. Aiken, Treasurer*
Thomas D. Austin*
William “Lee” Belford    
Edward T. Brennan, President*
Robert M. Bush, Sgt. at Arms*
H.L. “Pete” Cornish*
Patrick L. Cummins*
James R. Davis*
John Drinkard*
Robert Everett*
Charles Farrell*
Christopher K. Frame*
Donald V. Howard*
W.B. “Chip” Howden, Secretary*
C. Donald Jones*
Randy Lazard*
Thomas C. Madison Jr.*
Don J. McElveen*
Norton Melaver*
Ernest Montford, President-Elect*
Charles R. Nash*
Lewis H. Oden*
Paul W. Ramee*
Ronald D. Stephens, Vice President*
Robert L. Thompson*
D Joe C. Van Puffelin*
Ed Wexler*
* No longer a member
RCSE - Past Presidents
Ed Brennan 83-85*
Ernie Montford 85-86*
Jim Thomas 86-87*
Ron Stephens 87-88*
Roland Summers 88-89*
Bob Everette 89-90*
Gerald Creel 90-91*
Joe Buck 91-92
Fred Hill 92-93*
Bruce Montgomery 93-94
Steve Acuff 94-95
Stanley Lester 95-96
Fran Harold 96-97*
John Matthews 97-98*
John Neely 98-99
John Capozzi 99-00*
John Baker 00-01*
Gordon Matthews 01-02
Joe Connors 02-03*
Jean Iaderosa 03-04*
Tom Hollis 04-05
Marie Murphy 05-06*
Wade Herring 06-07
Tony O’Reilly 07-08*
Linda Herdina 08-09*
Jeff Heeder 09-10
Karl Bohnstedt 10-11
Cody Hetzel 11-12
Donna Shea 12-13
John Tuggle 13-14*
Gena Taylor 14-15
Ed Donoghue 15-16
* No longer a member