Everyone who attended the meeting was excited to see member Peter Paolucci return from his summer in Maine.  Welcome back Peter!  There were a number of Rotary business items this week.  President Ben Brewer reminded everyone of the Golf Tournament Fundraiser on October 18, Habitat for Humanity service project on October 28, and he encouraged all members to bring in a book for the September Book Drive which is benefiting Haven Elementary.  After all business was concluded, Paul Tatum introduced our speaker - Dan Pavlin with Endurance Race Services.    
ERS helps organizations hold races in the Savannah area.  They primarily work with non profits who are trying to raise money or awareness for a cause.  ERS is family friendly and began as a way to give back to the community.  They support 50 races per year and have raised in excess of $750,000 over the past five years.  When Dan founded the company, he choose running as a platform because running is a super social business and runners are accustomed to having races every weekend.  
Dan also spoke about how to leverage a cause for organizations.  He feels that social media is a great facilitator of distributing a message since there is a nonstop flow of information on those sites.  When you deliver a message (email, video, Facebook post, etc) you have 10 seconds to grab someone so you need to give them your message right away.   It is imperative to use social media to promote events.  To learn more about ERS, please visit their website at www.savannahraces.com