It was another great day at The Pirates House!  Jennifer Graham was moved from a Red Badge to a Blue Badge, Bernadette Bryant gave a Member Minute, and Laura Ross was inducted into the club!  After all Rotary business items were discussed, Laura Lane McKinnon introduced our speaker for the day, Caleb Harkelroad, who spoke about his family business and diamonds.  
Harkelroad Diamonds was founded in 1986 by Caleb's father.  Caleb says there are four c's when it comes to diamonds: 1. color 2. cut 3. clarity and 4. carat.  The size of the diamond is the single biggest driver in price and the price of natural diamonds has increased 33% over the past year.  Caleb then talked about lab grown diamonds.  The first lab grown diamond was grown by General Electric in 1954.  These diamonds are 100% eco-friendly and sustainable. They look the same as a natural diamond but generally cost 30%-40% less than a natural diamond.  Please visit Caleb at Harkelroad Diamonds (which is located at the corner of Abercorn and Eisenhower) for any of your jewelry needs!