New District Governor Pam Lightsey visited the club on July 22nd.  After accepting the DG banner and inducting a new member, DG Lightsey outlined her vision for her year.
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District Governor Pam Lightsey visited RCSE.  She began her presentation by inducting a new member, Larry Barroll.  She then presented Ed Donoghue and his wife Judy the Major Donor Award from The Rotary Foundation.  The Major Donor Award is presented to those individuals who have contributed a minimum of $10,000 to The Rotary Foundation.  Their generous donations have helped and will continue to help those individuals who are less fortunate.  The hand off of the District Governor Home Club banner was then conducted with Bruce Montgomery and Gordon Matthews presenting the banner to Pam.
After all Rotary business items were concluded, Pam then talked to the club.  She began her presentation by stating that people are what makes Rotary great and she was going to use the word "people" to explain what is happening in and around the district as well as greater Rotary.  The first "P"  in people is for people and the type of members RI has. "E" stands for engaging new and existing members.  You want your members to take pride in what they are doing and make sure they are serving on committee's that interest them.  "O" is for opportunity and all the opportunities you have as a Rotary to make an impact in someone's life.  A simple gesture, such as giving a hug or saying hello, can have an impact on a person.  The Rotary Foundation uses the money that clubs and individuals donate to create good in the world.  Recently, 29 Districts in the Region were able to provide a Global Grant for $10 million dollars to a hospital in Jamaica so individuals there could have cataract surgery.  The second "P" is for perseverance.  Due to the money raised by TRF, there were no new cases of polio this past week.  Through hard work and perseverance, there will hopefully not be any new cases ever again.  "L" is for leadership.  The goals that are set by the club are implemented by the leaders who are not only in RCSE, but also leaders in our community.  Finally, "E" is for enthusiasm.  There is a lot to be enthusiastic about in this upcoming 2016-2017 Rotary year. 
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