Our speaker for the August 19th meeting was Dionne Young, Principal of Haven Elementary School.  She shared with the club information about Haven Elementary and the students who attend.  Principal Young believes if students know they can be successful and that someone believes in them, then they will succeed.  Even though Haven Elementary School has not met the state quota for CCRPI, they are constantly improving and are aiming to be at quota before moving into their new building in July 2017. 
To read more about Haven's students, follow the story title link.
Haven Elementary School has 420 students who mostly reside in Tatemville and the four apartment complexes surrounding the Tatemville area.  A lot of the students are latchkey children being raised by their grandparents because the parent works numerous jobs, is incarcerated or is on drugs.  Due to not having a "traditional" home environment, the children need extra help in learning every day skills.  The teachers and administrators at Haven Elementary teach etiquette throughout the day since most children are not receiving this information at home.  An example of this is at play in the cafeteria where students are encouraged to put their napkin in their lap as well as how to properly use their utensils.  The school also incorporates character into learning with a reward system to encourage students to behave.  The students who attend Haven Elementary didn't ask to be born into the situation where they currently are residing.