Although the weather was dreary, fun was still had at the RCSE meeting this past Friday!  RCSE had the chance to welcome back one of our own, Wade Herring, who was re-inducted into the club after a brief hiatus. A Past-President of RCSE, we are delighted to have Wade back with us again!  November is Rotary Foundation Month and our speakers this month will talk about how Rotary Foundation funds are making an impact in the world.  On Friday, fellow Rotarian Marion Curry of the Tifton club spoke about the Uganda Water Project that was made possible in part by Rotary Foundation Funds.
Marion and her club along with other USA clubs and Uganda clubs were able to turn $500 into $2500 in order to develop a sustainable water source in Uganda villages.  She has been to Uganda three times and has another trip scheduled in February.  From these trips, the Uganda Water Project has expanded to include education and medical as well.  She and her coalition have provided textbooks to a school of 200 students when they didn't even have one.  The coalition is also fundraising for a mobile healthcare vehicle that will go to various villages rather than having people travel miles and days to get access to healthcare.  The impact the Rotarians have made in several village in Uganda has been incredible and those in attendance really enjoyed seeing the photos and videos of the lives that have been touched by this project.