After taking a little bit of break, this past Friday RCSE started FINES again with Ed Engel.  Ed collected a good amount of money so everyone should come prepared to our next meeting!  Laura Lane McKinnon announced the Real Men Read event at Haven Elementary on Thursday, November 17th, which is being chaired by Bill Von Alt.  Once all Rotary business items were discussed, Katie Wohlust introduced our speaker for the day, Ret. Col. Richard Noel.  
Ret. Col. Richard Noel began his talk by saying there are a lot of veterans and veteran organizations in Chatham County.  In fact, there are over 115,000 veterans that reside within a 90 mile radius of Savannah.  He then took us through his presentation by showing us slides with various monuments and memorials throughout our area.  One monument that the club especially enjoyed hearing about was the WWII memorial designed by our very own Eric Meyerhoff.  It is called "A World Apart" and displays both the European and Pacific theaters.  It was established in 2010 but is still not complete. It was a great history lesson on the monuments and memorials around Savannah before Veteran's Day.