Another great Friday to be at RCSE!  President Cindy Kelley announced the sign up for the Holiday Party at Southbound Brewery and encouraged everyone to attend.  Once all Rotary business items were finished, Jason Jones introduced our speaker for the day, Rev. Billy Hester.  
Rev. Billy Hester talked to the club about how his book, "Wow! Moments", came to fruition.  When Billy was young, his dad died unexpectedly from a heart attack.  He was blessed to have an extended family to help raise him and he found a love of music and theater in church.  After graduating college, he moved to NYC to try and make it as an actor.  While there, he helped form an Actors Fellowship group at Marble Collegiate Church.  It was through this group that he first met his wife.  He had two "wow" moments when he was in NYC - being cast in an Equity Play and driving his now wife to rehearsals in New Haven, Connecticut.   Billy started writing down his "wow" moments hoping to have 4-5.  He ended up with 25 in his book.  Billy encouraged everyone to write down their own wow moments.  He says we all have them but probably don't realize it.  If you are interested in purchasing Billy's book, "Wow! Moments", or his upcoming release, "Wow! Wisdom", please visit