After being off for two weeks, it was wonderful to see so many members in attendance at The Pirates House this past Friday.  President Andrew Cosey thanked everyone who attended the RCSE Oyster Roast.  A huge thank you goes to Gordon Matthews for being such a great hostess!  Andrew then reminded everyone of the meeting with Savannah South on March 12th.  After all Rotary business items were discussed, Kim Campbell introduced our speakers, Dr. Kimberly Zielke and Colin Hopkins, who are with Dedicated Senior Medical Center. 
Dr. Zielke began the presentation with a history of the parent company which is called ChenMed.  They own and operate 140 centers around the country and their company values are love, accountability and passion.  Studies have shown that if a person can stay out of the ER, they will live 5-7 years longer.  At Dedicated Senior Medical Center, they use a patient-centered approach with an emphasis on communication and preventive medicine.  Each doctor is limited to a panel of 450 patients.  This allows them to see their patients frequently in order to build trust.  At the beginning of the day, the whole office comes together to discuss the case load which aids in coordination of care.  Dr. Zielke said this type of practice is best for a person who does not need to see a lot of specialists.  Our group had many questions for Dr. Zielke and Colin especially about insurance.  Colin proved to a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health insurance!  Quality-based care is a growing field.  Be sure to ask your existing healthcare provider if they have these support systems or other preventative services available to you.  If you would like to learn more about Dedicated Senior Medical Center, please visit