This past Friday, RCSE welcomed a new member to our club - Frank Pennington!  Welcome, Frank!  President Andrew Cosey announced our June Social for June 19 at Starland Yard and our June Service Project on June 23 at Tybee Island.  He also asked all members to please fill out the Membership Satisfaction Survey either via email, hard copy, or by using the QR codes that were on the tables.  Once all Rotary business items were discussed, Laura Lane McKinnon introduced our speaker for the day, Dr. Ruth Albright, founder of the Savannah Music Academy. 
Dr. Albright began her talk by saying how music has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember.  She then played three songs and asked the group what the songs made you feel or think.  Music improves memory, mood and sleep quality.  A study at Stanford University showed that listening to music helps with attention, organization and executive functions.  A study of music in the UK showed that playing an instrument is good for brain health.  She then talked about studies that looked into the benefits of playing piano at a young age.  Playing an instrument is a workout for your brain! She concluded her presentation by discussing some of her students, their accomplishments, and a Billy Joel quote: "Music is something we are all touched by.  No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music."