Another great day at The Pirates House!  President Cindy Kelley reminded everyone to sign up for the Rotary Night Out at the Savannah Bananas game on Tuesday, July 16th.  It is free for members and guests are $18.  The club also had Cassandra Miller visit for lunch.  She is a SCAD graduate student and a daughter of a Rotarian.  If you know of any summer work or internships for Cassandra, please email her at  Once all business items were discussed, Ed Hissam introduced our speaker for the day - Daniel Nunn.  
Daniel Nunn is certified to give CPR and first aid and shared with the club some tips to handle an emergency situation.  He has been trained using the Red Cross curriculum.  If there is an emergency, there are three steps you need to follow: 1.  Check the situation - is the person breathing, do they have a heartbeat, is this really an emergency.  2.  Call 911 - if there are other people around to help, look someone in the eye or point to them and ask them to call 911.  3.  Give care.  The only time you would give care first before calling 911 is if you are alone and the person is in respiratory distress, has life threatening blood loss or is having an allergic reaction.      
Most of the time the emergency you will see is someone either having a heart attack or being in cardiac arrest.  A heart attack is a blockage and in that situation,  you need to put them in a comfortable position and administer meds.  They need to be able to swallow the aspirin themselves and if they do take aspirin, it is imperative that you let the emergency personnel know when they arrive.  When someone is in cardiac arrest, their heart has stopped.  This is when you need to administer CPR after calling 911.  When giving CPR, make sure the victim is on a hard surface. Administer 30 chest compressions to two breathes.  
If an adult is choking, you administer five thrusts to five back blows until the object is dislodged.  If a baby stops breathing, tap it on the foot before starting CPR.  The Red Cross sells CPR kits online for $4.75.