You never know who you might run into at a RCSE meeting.  This past Friday, we had a Rotarian visitor from Concord, NH who had a striking resemblance to Santa Clause!  President Cindy Kelley once again reminded the club of Rotary Night Out at the Savannah Bananas game on Tuesday, July 16th.  Members are free and each guest is $18.  Please sign up with Kerri at the check in desk or via email.  Once all Rotary business was discussed, Laura Lane McKinnon introduced our two speakers for the day - Quinton Alberto & Ron Nelson who talked about the improvements that will be made on I-16 and the I-16, I-95 interchange.    
The State of Georgia is participating in a Major Mobility Investment Program where they will be spending $11 billion on 11 projects throughout the state.  The majority of the work will be done in Atlanta with two projects being in Savannah.  The first is the widening of I-16 from 516 to I-95.  The widening will happen towards the middle of the lanes.  The second project is interchange reconstruction at I-16 and I-95.  The interchange has outlived it's useful life and is starting to break down from use.  Benefits to redesigning the area is it will improve traffic flow and enhance safety through high mass lighting and earlier merging.  The state will be investing $260 million in this interchange.  The goal is to start in the 4Q of 2019 and finish in three years which would be the 2Q of 2022.  To learn more about the program, please visit: