It was wonderful to see so many members and visitors at the meeting this past Friday.  RCSE was fortunate to hear from Gail Eubanks who talked about the future home of the Savannah Culinary Institute on 7 West Bay Street. 
Savannah Tech purchased 7 West Bay Street in 2018 for the future home of the Savannah Culinary Institute.  The location was ideal because there are 5000 hotel rooms within walking distance of the space and many cities that would be comparable to Savannah have culinary institutes located in their downtown.  The vision of the program is to expand culinary training as well as adding baking and restaurant experience to the program.  The institute currently has 200 students enrolled and with the new space, they will be able to add an additional 100 students to the program.  
The building had many uses before being purchased and therefore, extensive renovations have been needed.  Preservation students at Savannah Tech have been able to assist in the project.  The basement and 1st floor go the full length of the block all the way to the lane.  The 2nd and 3rd floor are not that deep.  The basement will house the teaching kitchens, the 1st floor will have the restaurant and bakery, the 2nd floor will have classes and continuing education, and the 3rd floor will have classrooms and labs.  Savannah Tech needed $8 million in order to purchase and renovate the building and they have been able to fund the whole project through grants and fundraising.  To learn more about the new space and to see floor plans, please visit