This past Friday, RCSE had another wonderful meeting with many members in attendance as well as quite a few visitors!  Foundation Chair Ed Engel announced that on July 8th, 16 members of RCSE will become Paul Harris Fellows!  Once all business items were discussed, President Laura Lane McKinnon introduced our speaker for the day, Shannon GaNun, who spoke about how we can persuade people and inspire them to act.  
Shannon says the definition of persuasion is getting people to do what you want them to do.  She believes that by following Monroe's Motivated Sequence, you can persuade people.  Monroe's Motivated Sequence is comprised of 5 steps and it works because it follows the way our brain works.  The steps are as follows:1.  Attention (ask a question, tell a story) 2. Need (explain the problem) 3. Satisfaction (introduce a solution) 4. Visualization (help the audience think/imagine/see the future) and 5. Action (spell out a specific/concrete solution).  Step 5 is usually where most people fail and most of the time we tend to skip step 1.  After explaining the steps, she then had the club run through a scenario (how to convince someone to become President Elect!) to see how the steps work.  It was a very interactive presentation that was enjoyed by all in attendance. To learn more about Shannon and the 5 Steps, please visit