It was a great start to the new fiscal year at RCSE this past Friday.  Terry Enoch received his Blue Badge - congratulations Terry!  President Laura Lane McKinnon reminded everyone of all the service opportunities for the months of July and August as well as a social on July 21.  Once all Rotary business items were discussed, Dr. Mrugala spoke to the club about hypertension.  
One in three people have hypertension and aren't aware of the condition and only 25% of people have it under control.  Hypertension is defined as having a blood pressure that is consistently 130/80.  Dr. Mrugala then explained the anatomy of the heart and blood vessels. Dr. Mrugala said there are a number of things that cause hypertension such as genetics, age, history, diet, alcohol, smoking, and lack of exercise.  It effects our body because the heart becomes stronger in order to pump blood and our blood vessels are unable to accommodate the increase in blood flow.  Blood vessels also lose elasticity with increase blood pressure and age.  Kidneys, eyes, and our brains are some of the organs effected by an increase in blood pressure.  The good news is that hypertension is treatable!  It can be controlled with medications, lifestyle modifications, diet and exercise.  Studies have shown that only 150 minutes of moderate activity a week improves health.  Dr. Mrugala is a Family Care/Primary Care physician with St. Joseph's/Candler in Pooler.  If you would like to request an appointment to see him, please call 912-748-1999.