RCSE started off the 2022-2023 Rotary year with a bang!! We inducted two new members — Bernadette Bryant and Tom Owens.  Welcome to the club!  We also recognized the largest class of new and upgrading Paul Harris Fellows in our club’s history.  Sixteen members were recognized in all! Special thanks to Foundation Chair, Ed Engel, for his work to make this accomplishment a reality.  Once all inductions were complete, Katie Wohlust introduced our speaker for the day, Ret. Col. Richard Noel of the U.S. Army. 
Rich spoke eloquently and from the heart about the role of the military and its presence and impact on our community.  He said we have 31 veteran chapters in Chatham County.  The most potent weapon of war that the USA has are the men and women who serve.  He has the opportunity to interact with current service members and he says they are all talented, smart and dedicated.  They are ordinary people who are put in extraordinary circumstances.  He believes that courage is a decision and it is one they make every single day.  Rich ended his talk by saying may God bless all of us who live in the USA.