It was a beautiful day for a Rotary meeting.  This past Friday, RCSE was fortunate to hear from one of our very own members - Sudesh Mujumdar.  Before Sudesh began speaking, President Laura Lane McKinnon reminded everyone of the Oyster Roast that was scheduled for Saturday, February 26th.  Foundation Chair Ed Engel gave a Foundation Minute where he spoke about what it takes to be a Paul Harris Fellow and the 80,000 recognition points that belong to RCSE.  
Sudesh is the Dean of the College of Business at Savannah State University.  Before speaking on global demographic trends, he gave a brief background of himself.  He traveled a lot as a child and looking back on it, believes it was the best education possible.  In September 2019, Sudesh came to Savannah State.  Once arriving here in Savannah, he wanted to create an environment where people enjoyed going to work and he wanted to ensure his students were being hired upon graduation.  He has been successful at both of his goals!
The broad demographic trend is that the global workforce is not growing as rapidly as it has in the past. China and Germany's workforce is actually shrinking.  This has implications on the hiring process for all businesses.  Gen Z is the largest demographic group globally.  They are also the most diverse and educated cohort.  Most Gen Z people want ownership of their time and 50% of them want to customize their career path/write their own job description.  This new dynamic will play out in all organizations.  Sudesh ended by saying how we spend our time is how we spend our life.