Another great day at The Pirates House this past Friday!  Kate Blair from Step Up Savannah spoke and as one member commented “it was the best explanation and presentation on Step Up Savannah I have ever heard.”


Kate said that Step Up Savannah works to address root causes of poverty.  One of the ways they try and accomplish this is through workforce development.  Along with training individuals in soft skills (how to communicate effectively, show up on time, be properly dressed), there is financial and behavioral counseling.  Step Up provides mock interviews and connects individuals with employers.  They have a 50% placement rate with an average pay rate of $13.50.  

Another way they are trying to address poverty is through Wealth Building.  An initiative that Step Up implemented is Bank on Savannah.  The goal is to educate people on the importance of having a bank account and then once they open one, how to keep it open and manage their money.  

Finally, Step Up Savannah works to educate the public about poverty.  One way they do this is through a two hour poverty simulation course.  The Board of Step Up Savannah is made up of 38 members - ⅓ are social service providers, ⅓ are policy makers, and ⅓ are neighborhood leaders (individuals living in low income areas).