This week's meeting started with Trice Thornton giving a Member Minute!  President Jason Jones reminded everyone of the upcoming Oyster Roast at Gordon Matthew's home on Saturday, February 18th.  Once all Rotary Business items were discussed, Bill Von Alt introduced our speaker for the day, Dr. K.C. Sato. 
Dr. K.C. Sato's journey with Zen Buddhism began in her early twenties.  There are many branches of Buddhism with Zen being one of them.  Zen is a Japanese word meaning to sit and the first thing you do is learn how to sit.  It's most important in Zen Buddhism to sit quietly and be as still as possible.  It is more of a philosophy rather than a religion.  
Dr. K.C. Sato came to Savannah to start a Zen community (Ancient Oaks Temple).  She has loved being here and feels very at home.  Dr. Sato said Zen Buddhism is especially important right now due to the digital age in which we are living.  It helps you to open your mind and gets you ready to create and ready for the day.  She gave a few tips on how to begin meditating such as counting your breaths and looking at a candle flame.  She said the final teaching of Zen can never be taught.  The final teaching is you in your everyday life.