We closed out the calendar year with another fantastic meeting!  Tonya Hillis gave her Member Minute, President Jason Jones reminded everyone of the upcoming December Social and Service Project, and Gordon Matthews gave a brief history lesson on women in Rotary!  Once all business items were discussed, Laura Lane introduced our speaker for the day, Joe Marchese, who spoke on behalf of the Lowcountry Down Syndrome Society.  
Joe is the current President of the Lowcountry Down Syndrome Society and was a founding member.  He spoke about how he and four other families formed LDSS shortly after his daughter was born.  Their vision is for people with disabilities to succeed in life by charting their own course.  Joe told multiple success stories and showed us a video of Mikey who is flourishing working in the school system.  Joe then talked about several events that LDSS hosts every year to raise awareness & support for inclusion for those with different abilities.  In conclusion, Joe stated he wants everyone with a disability to be happy, successful, and well adjusted.  To learn more about LDSS or to donate, please visit https://ldssga.org/