This past Friday saw RCSE meeting in a more cozy room at The Pirates House.  Even though the space was smaller, the club was as lively as ever living up to the name "The Fun Club!"  There were a few guests in attendance including Past District Governor Pam Lightsey as well as the new GRSP student, Mateo, who is from Columbia.  Laura Lane McKinnon asked everyone to mark on their calendar Friday, October 4th for a field trip to the Sheriff's Complex on Chatham Parkway.  Then, Betsy Stewart was awarded her Blue Badge for completing all Red Badge requirements - congratulations Betsy!  Once all Rotary business items were discussed, Laura Lane introduced our speaker for the day - Angela Bliss.    
Angela Bliss is involved in educating residents of unincorporated Chatham County about storm water drainage and the storm water program. The goal is to make sure the quality and quantity of the storm water is good. As far as quality is concerned, she concentrates on educating businesses to make sure they are following proper protocol when it comes to storm water. 
Even though Angela works for unincorporated Chatham County, all parts of the county work together to ensure they are all in agreement on the storm water program. She likes to say, “ Only rain down the drain!” Drains aren’t meant to handle chemicals or debris. When chemicals or trash go down a drain, they end up being flushed into the marsh which can cause ecosystem impairment. To learn more about the storm water program, please visit