RCSE was excited to have a new member initiation this past Friday.  Jon Hartz joined the club - congratulations Jon!  President Cindy Kelley announced that RCSE raised $773 during the Third Quarter through Fines, Happy and Raffle.  The money will be donated to the Aniridia Foundation International.  The new charity for Fourth Quarter will be Reed House.  Once all business items were finished, Jason Jones introduced our speaker for the day - Ogie Shaw.  
Ogie Shaw tries to increase the effectiveness of exercise.  The best medicine offered today in America is exercise as it improves all facets of health.  Unfortunately, many doctors don't prescribe it.  Over the years, Ogie has helped over 10,000 Americans onto an exercise program.  Everyone needs a full body workout and the best program is the one you will do!  You can't always do what you like but you need to do what you need.  The two most common objections to exercise are 1. not enough time and 2. lack of motivation.  Children's behavior is substantially effected by the adults around them.  Therefore, you need to exhibit healthy eating and physical activity.   
Ogie says the best book he has come across talking about nutrition is Nutripoints by Dr. Roy Vartabedian.  Fat is what kills you not your weight.  Attitude is everything when it comes to exercise.  You are 300% more likely to exercise if you do it first thing in the morning.  He encouraged everyone to exercise a minimum of 20 minutes per day.