Even though the scheduled speaker was unable to attend the meeting on Friday, the members of RCSE enjoyed good food, fellowship, and an impromptu discussion about Savannah lead by Gordon Matthews. 
Gordon began by mentioning that Fort Gordon in Augusta is going to become the Cyberterrorism Center for the United States and Georgia.  The army fort will increase in size from 25,000 employees to 50,000 and many tech companies are moving to Augusta because of the center.  The discussion then centered around what Savannah can do in order to create better quality jobs.  The thought was if there were better quality jobs then it would attract more companies to invest in our city rather than neighboring cities such as Charleston, Augusta, Macon, etc.  It was mentioned that consolidation of the city and county and having apprenticeship programs for students directly out of high school (similar to Germany and Switzerland) would help in this endeavor.